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We power the sports betting ecosystem

Tailored solutions for sports betting brands, creators, and companies to maximize your earnings and engagement.

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Our solutions


Influencer Network

Scale your sports betting audience through influencers.


Data Integrations

Scores, odds, and odds boosts API endpoints.

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White Labeled Apps

Drive affiliate revenue with your very own branded mobile app.

Our solutions

Scale your sports betting audience through influencers

Our influencer network reaches over 750k+ sports fans and bettors, enabling you to effortlessly expand your brand's reach for maximum impact.

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A cost-effective sports data solution

Keep your audience informed with our lightweight scores, odds, and odds boosts endpoints.


Over 120+ betting markets, 90+ leagues, and 60+ sportsbooks supported.

Your own branded app, our technology

Stand out in the market with our white-labeled bet-tracking apps tailored to your audience.


Enhance user engagement and retention while driving high-converting affiliate traffic.

Vault Sports app tracking your sports bets, stats, and net profit

Numbers at a glance


Sports bettors across our influencer network


Years combined experience in the sportsbook affiliate space


Major sportsbook partnerships

Ready to dominate in the sports betting space?  Let's connect!

Top Promos
For New Bettors!





Caesars Sportsbook

Promo: Up to $1000 as a Bonus Bet if your bet loses!

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Promo: Up to $1500 paid back as Bonus Bets if you don't win!



Promo: Get up to $1000 in Second Chance Bets

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Track, analyze, and sweat your bets in one place with friends!

Vault Sports app tracking your sports bets, stats, and net profit
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Happy sports bettor after using the Vault Sports bet tracking app

You need an
all-in-one app!

To help you track your bets
Follow what friends are betting on
Access all your books from one place

Bet smarter with Vault

Bets tracked automatically

Vault syncs with your sportsbooks and tracks your bets automatically;
no manual entry!
Vault Sports app that syncs with all your sportsbooks to track your bets
Vault Sports app for tracking your sports bets

Sweat all your bets in one place

Watch all your bets in one place, analyze your stats, and unlock your winning potential!

See what friends are betting on

Invite your existing sports betting group chat to follow friends' bets and talk smack!
Vault Sports app group chat for sports bettors
Vault Sports app sports betting odds board

Access your books in one place

Access all your books from one spot and compare lines and promos side-by-side.

How it works

Vault Sports app syncing to a sportsbook
Sync Your Sportsbooks

Securely sync your sportsbooks to Vault
Vault Sports app tracking your BetMGM sports bets
Place Your Bets

Hop to your sportsbooks and place your bets
Vault Sports app showing all your sports betting stats
Experience The Sweat

All your bets and stats are tracked automatically

See why 1000's of bettors use Vault

Video Anchor

"I downloaded 3 other bet tracking apps along with Vault to try out. They have since been deleted - this app is just so much more intuitive."

- Michael N.

"I've been using Vault for a few months now and it's completely transformed my sports betting game. I highly recommend this app to anyone serious about sports betting."


- John C.

"Within 2 minutes of flipping through Vault after I synced my books, I was hooked. Definitely will be using this from now on!"

- Terrell A.

Frequently asked questions

  • What if a loved one or I has a gambling problem?
    If you or a loved one has a gambling problem, call the National Problem Gambling Helpline at 1-800-522-4700.
  • How do I contact FixdPicks?
    Please contact us via email at You can also click here to fill out a contact form.
  • How does FixdPicks work?
    FixdPicks utilizes the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to give subscribers the upper hand in sports betting. The proprietary AI model makes predictions on upcoming games and provides subscribers premium picks with a confidence level which represents how confident the AI is in that particular pick hitting. These picks can then be used to bet on the user's preferred betting platform.
  • What is the FixdBlog?
    The FixdBlog is a tool that anyone can use to stay informed on critical NBA games or happenings, get recommendations on hot games, and view training tutorials to boost their win percentage and return on investement (ROI). FixdPicks strives to provide its subscribers with winning picks and strong returns and as such, the blog is recommended for everyone from new bettors all the way up to seasoned veterans.
  • What sports does FixdPicks provide picks for?
    Currently, we only provide picks for the NBA. The development team is currently working on leagues including the NFL and NCAAF. Join our email list for updates and release dates!
  • Does FixdPicks have an app?
    The FixedPicks app is currently being developed for both Apple and Android phones. Learn about it here!
  • What if I'm not seeing any emails from FixdPicks?
    Check your spam or promotions folder for our emails that unintentionally ended up there and add to your contact list.
  • What are cold, warm, and hot picks?"
    Every pick is graded by the AI on a scale depending on how confident it is in that particular pick hitting. Hot Picks are picks the AI is most confident in and they are the most likely to hit. We strongly recommend these. Warm Picks the AI is moderately confident in. Althought they are less likely to hit than Hot Picks, if you are looking to take on more risk and bet more games, we recommend using both Hot and Warm Picks together. Cold Picks the AI is the least confident in. If you are looking to take on maximum risk and bet on a lot of games, we recommend using them along with the Hot and Warm Picks. Just below the lines (for mobile), or to the very right of the lines (for desktop), you will find the pick for Spread, Total, and Moneyline. You will also see the words "Hot", "Warm", or "Cold" telling you the confidence level of the pick. A colored bar also shows how confident the pick is.
  • What are the payment options?
    PayPal is currently the only option to make a secure payment. FixdPicks is currently working on adding other methods including a credit card option.
  • How do I change the payment method connected to my FixdPicks account?
    Subscribers can login to their account to change their payment method.
  • How do I cancel my FixdPicks subscription?
    You can cancel your plan at any time. To do so, go to My Account > My Subscriptions > Cancel Subscription before your next renewal date to avoid future charges.
  • What is our data policy?
    Keeping your data secure, especially data involving your wager amounts, your picks, your bankroll, and sportsbook login credentials is our number one priority. FixdPicks will… Never have access to your sportsbook login credentials. Never have access to your wager amounts, your picks, or bankroll information. Never sell your data for profit. To give you a more personalized experience on the platform, FixdPicks will collect data on your favorite teams, leagues, and bet types.

Download Vault now!

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Vault: Bet Tracker & Live Odds

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