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Enable users to track their bets on your platform

Increase your user engagement and retention by offering your audience tools to track their bets, follow their stats, and find the best odds, all while driving more affiliate traffic through personalized promos.

Vault Sports app tracking your sports bets, stats, and net profit

Elevate User



User Retention

Maximize Affiliate


Vault Sports app showing all your sports betting stats

Captivate and engage sports bettors

Tools to help your audience make smarter bets, follow their stats, and chat with their friends all designed to keep sports bettors active on your platform.

Supercharge user retention by 60%

Giving your users the ability to track their bets drastically improves retention.


Users can track their bets, view detailed statistics and trends, monitor their bankroll, check live odds and game scores, and stay connected with their friends!

Vault Sports app that syncs with all your sportsbooks to track your bets
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Maximize affiliate revenue through personalized offers

Leverage user insights to create personalized offers that precisely match their preferences, turning engagement into profit.

Your platform, our battle-tested tech


Sports bettors actively tested


Bets tracked


Stars on the App Store

Contact us today to discuss adding bet tracking tech to your platform!

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