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Winding Down the NBA Restart

As we reach the final days of the NBA restart, the league is reaching temperatures it was at before the pandemic. We have 4 teams competing for the 8th and 9th seeds in the Western Conference. We have on-court beef turning into social media drama between Damian Lillard and the Clippers. It brings back a sense of normalcy that NBA fans haven't had in awhile.

T.J. Warren finally cooled down last night after being matched up with Jimmy Butler. The Suns continued their impressive play in the bubble, moving to 6-0 since returning. The Lakers and Bucks locked up the #1 seeds in their respective conferences.

FixdPicks was undefeated on hot picks, 6-0, 2 days ago and yesterday went 9-6, 6-0 on picks against the spread. Our win percentage continues to stay around that 60% mark, making us highly profitable.

Today's Games

The 4 teams competing for the 8th and 9th seeds in the West all play today. There are several clinching and elimination scenarios for each team. Phoenix and San Antonio are 1 game back of Memphis in the 8-spot and Portland is .5 games back of Memphis. Whichever teams finish in those 8 and 9 spots will have play-in games to decide who gets to play the Lakers in the first round of the playoffs.

Things are going to get spicy. We should all be excited. These next few days are like pre-playoffs, and then the real playoffs start. The only thing that can make watching these games more fun is betting on them ;)

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