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Where will Demarcus Cousins Sign? Odds & Predictions

The Houston Rockets decided to waive Demarcus Cousins after a short stint with the team during this 2020-21 season. Cousins averaged 9.6 ppg, 7.6 rpg, and 2.4 apg in 25 games with the Rockets this season. He started 11 of those games and averaged 20 minutes per game. Those stats aren't amazing, but coming off of 2 major injuries that is fairly efficient in limited minutes. Cousins is not the superstar that people thought he was going to be in Sacramento when he averaged 27 points, 11 rebounds, and 4.6 assists in the 2016-17 season but he can still help a team win basketball games. At this point in his career, Cousins wants to win and Houston did him a favor by waiving him and giving him a chance to sign with a contender.

Who will he sign with? Here are the betting odds:

1. Brooklyn Nets +250

2. Los Angeles Lakers +400

3. Miami Heat +500

4. Boston Celtics +500

5. Golden State Warriors +850

6. Portland Trail Blazers +1200


Where will he sign?

The Nets sound like a good option but when you look at their roster and how Steve Nash wants that team to play, Cousins might be too slow. He also has some issues with how Harden handled his situation in Houston which might make him hesitant to team up with.

The Lakers are probably a no-go as well, considering they just signed Damian Jones to a 10-day contract. Marc Gasol and Montrezl Harrell have the center position secured, especially when Anthony Davis returns and Los Angeles plays "small ball" with Davis at the 5.

The Heat are an intriguing option. This team has been struggling after reaching the Finals in the bubble last year. They lost Meyers Leonard to a season-ending injury which has led to more minutes for Kelly Olynk and rookie Precious Achiuwa. If they are looking for a mid-season spark to help them get back in the playoff picture, Cousins could be brought in. He isn't quite the defender they look for in Miami but he brings the grit and toughness that Jimmy Butler loves in teammates.

The Celtics would not make sense as a landing spot for Cousins. They have 3 serviceable centers on their roster in Daniel Theis, Tristan Thompson, and Robert Williams. They have been struggling this season but Cousins doesn't seem like the guy that can come in and fix their problems.

The Warriors are the go-to option when any good player gets waived. Cousins already has a relationship with the organization after he was there a few seasons ago. Kevon Looney and James Wiseman both just returned from injury to fill the 2 center spots on the roster. They could still bring Cousins on to get minutes alongside Looney with the bench unit. Seems unlikely if they truly want to develop Wiseman that they would bring in another center to take his minutes.

The Blazers could use help at the center position right now. But once Jusuf Nurkic comes back from injury they have him and Enes Kanter at the center spots. Harry Giles III is on the roster as well, along with Robert Covington and Carmelo Anthony sharing a lot of the "small ball" 4/5 minutes. Cousins and Nurkic are very similar players and have similar styles, Cousins would fit right in there. Everyone plays with a chip on their shoulder.


PREDICTION: Cousins will sign with the Miami Heat (+500).

Regardless, hope Cousins gets a chance again to prove he can be the player he once was.

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