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Welcome to FixdPicks

If you're here, then you're interested in winning some money betting on sports. Here's a synopsis of what we do:

- We have developed an algorithm (you'll see him referenced as Algo on the site) based on several variables that predicts picks on NBA games (more sports coming soon)

- Each pick comes with a confidence level which Algo assigns, the higher the confidence level, the more we recommend you take it

- The confidence levels can be seen on the bars beneath the pick

- There is no emotional connection to these picks, they are strictly numbers

- You don't make your bets with us, we just make suggestions for what games and lines you bet on

In the past 48 games, Algo is 29-19 overall and that is including ALL picks! The strictly hot and warm picks have won an even higher percentage!

You are getting these picks for free until the end of this NBA season, take advantage of it! We just ask that you give us feedback on all aspects of what we are doing. Happy Gambling!

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Mike Nichols
Mike Nichols
Mar 02, 2020

Love it can't wait for the mobile version!

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