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Things are Heating Up in the NBA Bubble (No pun intended)

Although the Miami Heat swept the Indiana Pacers, in what was a disappointing performance by Indiana, that was the least competitive series of the first round. The Heat, Celtics, Lakers, Raptors and Bucks seem to all be cruising to the second round.

Where it gets interesting is the Western Conference. The Jazz and Nuggets have been playing some of the most entertaining basketball we've seen in a long time. Donovan Mitchell has multiple 50 point games, and Jamal Murray has scored 92 points over the last 2 games. Utah is leading the series 3-2 as a 6 seed. They have another chance to close it out on Thursday night. The Overs in this series have been money.

The Clippers were supposed to cruise past the Mavericks. Dallas had a banged up Luka Doncic, and then Kristaps Porzingis sat out due to knee soreness. Los Angeles relaxed a little too much and got to experience some Luka-magic firsthand.

43 points, 17 rebounds, 13 assists and a game-winning, buzzer-beating, step-back 3. The kid is only 21. Second year in the NBA. Luka Doncic is doing things we have never seen before. Putting up better numbers than Lebron James did at that point in his career.

The most intriguing series to me has been the Rockets vs Thunder. Houston is without Russell Westbrook so they have been running their entire offense around James Harden. Normally that would be ideal, but OKC has a secret weapon Lugentz Dort.

You've never heard of him. I know. Neither had I until the playoffs. He can't do anything on the offensive end. But defensively he is a genius. It looks like the OKC coaching staff had him studying Harden film for weeks. He knows his every move and is making it extremely difficult on the former-MVP and scoring champion. The series is tied 2-2, with an important game 5 being played tonight.

Giannis and the Bucks look to closeout the Magic today, along with Lebron and Lakers trying to eliminate a Damian Lillard-less Blazers team. Both of these games should be blowouts.

Our record has been right around that 60% average during the last few days. Keep riding with our Hot Picks and you are going to see a big return on investment.

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