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Pat McAfee signs a new contract with FanDuel for $120 Million Dollars

If you have the time to watch this video, it just shows you exactly why FanDuel decided to keep McAfee and co. around for the foreseeable future. There is truly no one like him in the sports talk show world.

This is huge for the sports betting industry. An ex-NFL player has now moved into the space on a large stage. A huge audience is following him, along with being backed by a large amount of money. I am very excited to see what they have planned for not only The Pat McAfee Show but also for other content and creative ideas to involve Pat in.

His connection with Aaron Rodgers is interesting as well and FanDuel could have thought this was almost a seed to plant in the Rodgers sweepstakes whenever he decides to retire. Rodgers comes on McAfee's show every week and I can only imagine he would become more frequent of a guest once he stops his playing career. If he ever wants to start his own show he would probably go to McAfee for advice...

Regardless of that situation, this is great for sports, the NFL, Pat McAfee, his crew, Fan Duel, but most importantly the sports betting industry.

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