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Our First 5 days in the Bubble

These first few days having the NBA back have been amazing. Not only have the games felt real and competitive, our picks have been winning at an extremely high rate! After Sunday night's games our win% was over 64% in the bubble.

Our most exciting win was by the Indiana Pacers over the 76ers. TJ Warren made history with the first 50-point game in the bubble, and caused an upset over the 76ers. Our A.I. predicted the Pacers to not only win the spread (+6) but also to win the game outright. Check out the highlights on NBA's youtube.

After getting back on track yesterday with our "Free Hot Pick of the Day" on Instagram and Twitter, we are looking to make it two in a row. Rarely will we give the pick on the website, but if you've read this far it's a treat for you.

Rockets vs Blazers - Over 242.

242 is an insanely high number, but it's James Harden vs Damian Lillard. Russell Westbrook vs CJ McCollum. Neither of these teams play much defense if they don't have to. It's going to be a shootout, and should be a fun time rooting for the over. Wouldn't be surprised if Lillard or Harden go for a 50-piece tonight.

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Let's go make some money!

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