NBA Trade Deadline 2021: How Much Impact Each Trade Have?

The Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers did not make any moves at the trade deadline and are still both the favorites to win this year's NBA Championship (Nets +280 and Lakers +300). Both teams knew that they didn't need to make any trades since they would be the top 2 destinations for veteran players who get bought out of their contracts. Since Thursday's deadline we have learned that LaMarcus Aldridge will be signing with Brooklyn and it has been reported that Andre Drummond will be signing with Los Angeles, both after being bought out of their contracts.

Projected Playoff Teams that Made Moves

Charlotte Hornets

Added: Brad Wanamaker

Lost: Cash

This move helps Charlotte get some backcourt depth since LaMelo Ball was reported to be out for the season. He might return for the playoffs but first the Hornets need to get there. Wanamaker will make for a good backup for Devonta Graham and Terry Rozier.

Chicago Bulls

Added: Nikola Vucevic, Daniel Theis

Lost: Wendell Carter Jr, Otto Porter Jr, 2 1st round picks

Not necessarily a playoff team, currently sitting in the #10 spot, the Bulls have a chance to move up the standings after adding All-Star forward Nikola Vucevic. The 1-2 punch of Zach Lavine and Vucevic should improve this team. Daniel Theis is a serviceable backup and will help defensively. They are only 4 games back on the #4 seed in the East since there is such a logjam of teams hovering around .500. Don't be surprised to see Chicago separate themselves from these teams as the season moves along.

Los Angeles Clippers

Added: Rajon Rondo

Lost: Lou Williams, 2 2nd round picks

Social media was buzzing about this move. Rondo comes back to LA after winning a championship with the Lakers last season. Williams returns to Atlanta where he played from 2012-14. It is a swap of veteran guards that bring completely different things to the table. Rondo will be a great facilitator for the Clippers when Kawhi and Paul George are struggling offensively. In the huddle and in the locker room he brings one of the highest basketball IQ's in the league and he also isn't afraid to call anyone out. He might be able to crack the code on their superstars and help them reach their maximum potential.

Dallas Mavericks

Added: JJ Redick, Nico Melli

Lost: James Johnson, Wes Iwundu, 2nd round pick

Low key the best trade deadline might have been the Mavericks. Giving up 2 players that aren't in the rotation for 2 amazing shooters to put around Luka Doncic. It will give Luka and Porzingis space to create off the dribble while 3 or 4 other players sit around the 3 point line. Johnson had a strong locker room presence but Redick will bring a similar presence. It is a great addition both on and off the court for Dallas.

Denver Nuggets

Added: Aaron Gordon, Javale McGee, Gary Clark