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Bubble Overs Might be Over

Our win % for the NBA bubble is still over 60%, an outstanding number when it comes to sports gambling. But the fairytale offensive starts that teams were having have come to an end. It all culminated with the Rockets vs Blazers having a total of 242!

Now hopefully the teams are back to playing enough defense to make the scores respectable and have Vegas setting realistic odds and totals.

Today's Games

At this point most of the rest of the regular season games for teams are only important for seeding. There are a handful of Western Conference teams fighting for the 8th and 9th seed, but other than that all the playoff spots are locked up. The matchups today are all between teams that don't have much to play for other than pride. This could be tough for picks if teams decide to not play their starters the second half, like the Bucks yesterday against the Nets.

Let's hope everyone plays and we can have a better day than yesterday (9-8-1).

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