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NBA 3-Point Contest/Skills Competition Odds & Predictions

The NBA officially announced the field for both the 3-point contest and the Skills competition a few days ago. Both will be taking place before the actual All-Star Game on Sunday night.

3-Point Contest Odds

Steph Curry +130

Zach Lavine +450

Mike Conley Jr +550

Donovan Mitchell +600

Jaylen Brown +700

Jayson Tatum +700

The obvious play is Steph Curry. He has won the contest only once, in 2015, and this will be his 7th appearance. Now the field is a bit different than normal due to COVID-19, but it seems like someone else may bring home the crown. Mike Conley Jr is making his first ASG appearance and will come in wanting to prove that he has deserved to be here for a long time. Along with that, of all the players in the field he has shot the highest % on wide open 3 point attempts this season. At +550 the value is too hard to pass up.

Prediction: Mike Conley Jr


Skills Competition Odds

Luka Doncic +230

Chris Paul +250

Julius Randle +480

Domantas Sabonis +600

Nikola Vucevic +600

Robert Covington +750

The format of this competition is a little different this year, with Luka and CP3 receiving 1st round byes because of their seniority in ASG appearances. This has made their odds much much for favorable. Some might argue that having a bye and just sitting and watching will hurt them more than help them. Sabonis will take on Randle in the first round (winner faces Luka) while Vucevic takes on Covington (winner faces CP3). The best value pick is Sabonis at +600. The most under appreciated All-Star is averaging over 20 points, 11 rebounds, and 6 assists per game for the Pacers in just his 4th NBA season. Due to him being on Team Lebron, and probably not receiving too many minutes in the actual All-Star game, he might put forth all his effort in this competition.

Prediction: Domantas Sabonis

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