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Lakers look to take an early 2-0 lead over the Nuggets, Celtics cut their deficit to 2-1


The NBA playoffs continue to be as exciting as ever. The Denver Nuggets came back from their second 3-1 deficit agains the Clippers. Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic are leading these young Nuggets to places they haven't been in years. This Western Conference final isn't going to be as easy for Denver. The Los Angeles Lakers looked like the big brother in game 1. Anthony Davis dominated Denver, while Dwight Howard annoyed Jokic and looked 5 years younger after not playing at all the previous series against Houston.

Lebron had a pretty pedestrian game by Lebron standards and the Lakers still dominated the game.

Obviously the Nuggets are the comeback kids, so I wouldn't be shocked to see them make an early push in game 2. But, FixdPicks says take the Lakers today to win, and take the Nuggets +7.5.


This series is going 7 games. I said it before and I'll say it again. The Celtics are the more talented team. The Heat are the harder-working team. Which will prevail? My gut says Miami. If you have ever heard the saying the hungry dog runs faster, Jimmy Butler and his squad are the hungrier dog. Boston's had trouble dealing with Miami's zone, since Erik Spoelstra switches up his defenses non-stop. These games are fascinating to watch to see the chess match between coaches. I'm just hoping for an entertaining series.

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