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FixdPicks Officially Launching December 22: The First Ever A.I.-backed NBA Picks

We live in a technology-driven world. As we progress further with tech, why haven’t sports bettors done the same? The average sports bettor still tries to only use the “eye-test” to make their picks. They pick with their heart or their gut. But even betting with what one thinks isn’t an emotional pick, there will always be bias. There is always a little voice in your head persuading you to pick one or the other. A Lakers fan might not bet on the Celtics even though the data shows it’s a great pick.


This is where FixdPicks comes in. We are sports betting, backed by AI.


We curate all the necessary data that most bettors don’t want to comb through in one place and use AI to predict the outcomes of games. Your one-stop-shop for all your NBA picks. Not sure about a pick? The A.I. will tell you how confident it is in each of its picks. Our “hot picks”, the ones it’s most confident in, won at over a 59% clip last season. We are helping bettors that want to become more confident in their betting decisions but don’t have the experience to analyze data like the pros.


As a startup, generating a following and finding loyal users has been the most challenging part of the business. Our most effective tactic has been social media. Again as society progresses, we need to as well. We use our social media as our main tool to communicate with customers. You can find all the links to our social media here:

The NBA season begins on December 22nd. FixdPicks is ready to officially launch after a successful beta test during the bubble last season. We offer a free 30-day trial that will give you access to all of the picks our artificial intelligence spits out. You will see each pick (spread, total, and moneyline) next to each game, with each pick’s confidence level. The higher the confidence level, the more sure of the pick our AI is.

Here is an example of the FixdPicks mobile browser interface:

We can’t wait for everyone to see our product, use our product, and provide feedback on our product. We are always looking to improve and want to help you all become the best bettors you can be!

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