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August Anarchy = March Madness?

No one has come up with a name for this past week of seeding games. I'm going to go ahead and call it August Anarchy. It all culminates today with a similar feeling to March Madness. Just like the opening Thursday of the tournament, we have 4 games in a row, starting at 3 pm, all to decide who makes the Western Conference playoffs.

Memphis, San Antonio, Phoenix, and Portland all are competing for the 8th and 9th playoff spots. Getting that 8th spot is important because the 9th seed will have to beat the 8th seed twice in the play-in game/s starting Saturday.

Portland is the only team that completely controls their own destiny. If they win they will be the 8th seed. With Damian Lillard playing the way he has been lately, it looks like the Blazers are the clear front runners. There are several scenarios for each team to make it. I am so excited to sit down and watch this all unfold. Betting on games like these are the best because you know the teams are going to be giving 110% effort at all times.

FixdPicks has been right around our average lately. Our win % for hot picks is still above 60% right where we want it. We can't wait for the playoffs to start so we have all normal lineups and minutes being played by the correct players. No more messing up the lines and odds.

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