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Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Yesterday Algo ended up with 4 hot/warm picks. One game turned hot after I wrote the blog. We went 2-2 so again a productive day. If not for Caris Leveret scoring 51 points for the Nets in the 4th/quarter and OT we would have went 3-1.

Bulls @ Timberwolves - Warm Pick, Over 231.5

The Wolves Pelicans game we had yesterday hit over 247 easily. I don't see why it won't hit again. The Bulls are not great offensively but Coby White is coming off Rookie of the Month, Zach Lavine is returning to Minnesota, and Lauri Markannen is returning from injury.

Jazz @ Knicks - Warm Pick, Under 218.5

This one concerns me considering that the Jazz have been scoring/giving up a ton of points lately. Mix that with the Knicks coming off of a win against the Rockets the other night, I am not too confident in this pick. But, Algo is. Trust Algo not me.

Celtics @ Cavs - Hot Pick, Under 215

This feels similar to the Milwaukee Charlotte game the other night when it was an outrageously low number and I thought there was no way it hit. Well that one hit easily, with the best offensive team in the league being held under 100 points. The Celtics have scored over 100 points each of their last 5 games, but nothing too high. This looks like it is meant to trick us but it's not.

Pacers @ Bucks - Hot Pick, Under 222.5

2 Bucks games in a row have gone under. This is the highest total of the three. And the Pacers have the best defense of any of their opponents the past 3 games. It almost feels too goo to be true. The Pacers have won 4 in a row, holding each opponent below 111 points. This could end up being a close game, with the Bucks struggling as of late. We'll see if Indiana can figure out Giannis like Miami did the other night, holding him to a season-low 13 points.

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