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Intermediate Betting Strategies

If you have experience betting but you want to learn tips and tricks for becoming more profitable, you're in the right place!

How do I reach the "next level" as a Sports Bettor? 

Keep Track of your Record, ROI (Return on Investment), and Betting Trends

Tracking Your Record​

  • Knowing your record as a bettor is extremely important for holding yourself accountable

  • Without knowing your record you could convince yourself that you're not "that bad" and haven't lost "that much money"

  • This will  help you make smarter picks and stay away from the crazy underdogs and parlays 

  • Any bettor who wins about 50% of the time is respectable but to be profitable you need to win more than half the time

ROI (Return on Investment)

  • Going hand-in-hand with your record, your ROI should be tracked so you can know how much money you are winning or losing

  • ROI is calculated by dividing the profit by the cost of investment 

    • A bettor places 20 bets in a week, each $10 at -110 odds. They started with $200, let's say they won 13 of the 20 bets, this means they end the week with $247. The ROI would be 247 divided by 200, which is 23.5%.

Betting Trends (Public and Personal)

  • Knowing how you have done betting on certain teams, leagues, players in the past is important separate your heart from your head

  • You might have a favorite team in the NFL but if you know you are 0-6 when you bet on them, you might learn to stay away and not bet on them

  • Learning public betting trends can be useful as well to see where the % of the bets are going and where the majority of the money is being bet

  • Normally when the majority of the money is on one side of a line, this means that the sharps (professional sports bettors) have placed large wagers on this line

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