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Vault is the #1 app to track, analyze, and sweat your sports bets in one place!

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View your stats, trends, and grades in one place


Real-time analysis on all your bets and bankroll


Syncs with 10+ major sportsbooks

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You're leaving money on the table...

You're manually tracking bets - it's tedious and error-prone.
You're not getting real-time updates - you're missing out on opportunities.
You're unable to analyze your bets - you're not able to optimize your strategy.

Bet smarter with Vault

Bets tracked automatically

Vault syncs with over 10 major sportsbooks and tracks your bets automatically - no manual entry!
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Sweat all your bets in one place

Watch all your bets in one place, analyze your stats, and unlock your winning potential!

Get a clear view of your profits

Vault helps you track your bankroll and net profit across all your books in one place.
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All your books in one place

Access all your books from one spot and compare lines and promos side-by-side.

How it works

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Sync Your Sportsbooks

Securely sync your sportsbooks to Vault
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Place Your Bets

Hop to your sportsbooks and place your bets
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Experience The Sweat

All your bets and bankroll are tracked in real-time

See why 1000's of bettors use Vault

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"I downloaded 3 other bet tracking apps along with Vault to try out. They have since been deleted - this app is just so much more intuitive."

- Michael N.

"I've been using Vault for a few months now and it's completely transformed my sports betting game. I highly recommend this app to anyone serious about sports betting."


- John C.

"Within 2 minutes of flipping through Vault after I synced my books, I was hooked. Definitely will be using this from now on!"

- Terrell A.

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Frequently asked questions

Download Vault now!

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Vault: Bet Tracker & Live Odds

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4.9 app store rating

Download the Vault ios bet tracking app
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